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Barristers and Judges

Barristers and Judges

CHAPTER 20 The Brotherhood, The Secret World Of The FreemasonStephen Knight Where Freemasonry does play a big part – and this is why so many judges are Masons – is in the process by which appointments to the Bench are made. Apart from the professional judiciary, I would think it just as important to ascertain the position in respect of the lay magistrates who decide the overwhelming number of cases, especially outside London. It might be worth asking the Lord Chancellor’s Department if any consideration is given to Masonry when applicants for the Magistracy are interviewed. Judges are appointed from the ranks of those barristers and solicitors who have been in practice for at least ten years. Although there is a growing tendency for solicitors to be given preferment to the judiciary, the great majority of judges are former barristers. (pg167) CONTINUING……..


Racism Is A Control System

Racism Is A Control System



Racism is a control system….. Stop being scared to use your voice.

The above is a fact and can be “PROVED”. The same goes for the Global mistreatment and murder of Africans it’s not just Palestinians being oppressed by Israel