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People Who Want You to Fail

People Who Want You to Fail



Who is Stopping You?


The biggest barrier to a successful career is not a lack of opportunities, the job market or your city. It’s certain people.


Specifically, antisocial people—people who are devious, mean-spirited, cruel, hostile or negative. People who oppose you, treat you with disrespect and cause you trouble. “When we trace the cause of a failing business, we will inevitably discover somewhere in its ranks the antisocial personality hard at work.”


One Of The Most Famous Antisocial Personalities Was Adolf Hitler.


Hitler loved children and pets. He was a vegetarian who neither smoked nor drank. He was kind and considerate to the ladies, secretaries and chauffeurs. People thought Hitler was a nice guy, yet he ordered the deaths of millions. Most antisocial personalities are not famous. In fact, they are rarely obvious.


Carl Watts, November 2014


 …..  Stop being scared to use your voice. 


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