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Wake Up


Wake Up

By Alanzo Gayle on Tuesday 12th August 2014
Once your awake you can read “all” of their plays with your eyes closed….

1.Falsely claim that said virus or disease started in Africa, perpetuating that “the” most infectious & deadly diseases come from africans, so in the psyche of “the people” who listen to the media africa/africans have disease (This isn’t an accident)

2.As such Africans need to be policed by America/U.K/WHO as they cannot be trusted to run their affairs and control the spread of these dis-eases. Same thing they do when they start their proxy wars to put in their puppet leaders who were educated in English/American schools and then groomed by US/UK Security services whilst in University ….

3. They do the teacher naughty school boy routine, What have you done now?? Have you messed up again?? Ok don’t worry I will sort it out for you but you gotta be more careful ok?? (In their patronising teacher voice)
But it’s gonna cost you an extortionate amount of money and the only way to truly get rid of it is for all of your citizens to have this vaccine, it’s unfortunate that only melanated people have this dis-ease but that is just science & nature …. Don’t worry we are here to help.

We are working on a vaccine because we are clever like that and will have it ready in 6 months time…. We will use the media to spread awareness and as a precaution will encourage all melanated peoples to take this vaccine…..

Ching Ching…. R.I.P
Thank you for your Co-operation & Have nice Day.

Ebola vaccine to be manufactured by criminal drug company with felony record;…

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