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US bioweapons lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at core of Ebola epidemic

Do not let the tabloids and mainstream news hype you up about Ebola “Or Anything Else”,
It’s all theatre and they create the “Whole Thing” and manipulate your emotions

Do not let them distract you…..
No Let up/Let off about exposing their nastinesss & shortcomings

Here Comes The Sun


Update: July 31, 2014

Second US doctor now infected with Ebola in Liberia.

US bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone at the epicentre of Ebola outbreak

*US bioweapons lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at core of Ebola epidemic

*CDC admits hospitals and vaccines cause Ebola

*Epidemic and pandemic plans allow for implementation of martial law

Local people in West Africa appear to know without having to read the CDC Ebola fact sheet that hospitals and medical staff are spreading Ebola. The Telegraph reports people wielding knives surrounded a Red Cross vehicle in Guinea.

The involvement of hospitals would also explain why Ebola has appeared in this part of Africa for the first time ever and in so many different locations at almost the same time.

Given that the CDC itself admits that hospitals are, in fact, the likely source of any Ebola outbreak, the question arises which…

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    October 10, 2014 at 7:39 am

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