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HHJ Steven Waine – Godwell Mother

From: ******@hotmail.com
To: ******.countycourt.gsi.gov.uk; ngozigodwell3@hotmail.com
CC: ******.@maxclifford.com; ******.@parliament.uk; ******.@northamptonshire.gov.uk; ******.@itn.co.uk; ******.@parliament.uk
Subject: HHJ Steven Waine – ******Mother Private and Confidential
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 14:32:08 +0000

I  have recieved a letter dated 30th July 2010 informing me that someone hacked into my personal email address. Which is: ******.@hotmail.com
Thank you for drawing this to my attention.  I am honoured.  A young minor by the admission of Northamptonshire Local Authority is seriously  assulted whilst in their care and recieves scarring HHJ Steven Waine yells at the mother: “I do not care.”  For the mere fact I have had to type this paragraph and my heart lurched whilst doing so. Which could have resulted in a heart attack I attach £150.00 cost to me for typing this email.  Whilst we are at it remind me why my child is in care again.  I have read enough about the ‘we hate Africans’. Please inform me again as to my child is still in care? 
I will be disappointed to find that the local authority have ignored the notice delivered to it and breeched the Children Act and sent my child abroad without my written informed consent.
I am so honoured to be informed by the lower court using the personal letterhead of HHJ Steven Waine that someone is hacking into my computer space. I am dizzy.
Most of the items have been online well before my child was kidnapped and abused by the local authority.  They are not being removed. 
In the meantime a quick reminder and some sound advise:
“HHJ Judge Waine disclosed to the home office in his own hand writing that I am mentally ill. There is no certificate within my medical records stating that I am. His Honour did this way before the conclusion of the child care proceedings …”

    • Ms Okpara “since when did a law degree equate medical degree? this is too laughable. common sense you’d think judges, not lawyers should have. however based on this status, it is quite clear, many times, the wrong people are appointed to be in powerful positions. and the end result is chaos and more chaos. your medical records must first prove that you are mentally ill. the duty of a judge is not to diagnose illness, but to follow the follow the guidelines of the law. the court room is neither his home nor his kitchen.”  


• This is a very accurate description of the family court room, where hearings are held in private. The feelings of shock and unbelievable horror is captured accurately in this video:

When my child is returned to me then one can start laying demands.   Is it not Northamptonshire local Authority who have been publishing my child’s name freely and without any protection to her identity throughout the childcare proceedings and slandering my name also.  My name is slandered by the local authority. Costs pertaining to this issue will be included in future costs.


letter from child to mother


One response

  1. NN10P03545

    For the attention of His Honour Judge Waine

    Dear Sir,

    1. This email is in reference to the brief call I made to the family court section of 9 May 2010.

    2. On 8 October 2010 HHJ Waine stated that he and his Court staff found an email I delivered abusive. He refused to explain how? His comments were made after giving judgment at the ghost hearing. In fact HHJ Waine it clear that he despised my child and I.

    3. On 8 October 2010 I drew to HHJ Waines attention that in fact it is he who used the family court system to abuse my child and I. Furthermore on at the hearing this Judge stated that my child did not want to see me, where did he get this from, the local authority did not make a submission to the Court in the way of documentation or attendance. It is Personal. No response as to why my family’s case was always heard in private.

    4. HHJ Waine is the same Judge who left my child to be abused and raped in care intentionally.

    5. This Judge continues to commit crimes against my family and has done nothing to rectify the situation, apart from attempting to bury his mistakes, whilst I am exposing them. HHJ Waine was given the opportunity to redeem himself on 20 May 2011.

    6. HHJ Waine refuses my application NN10P03545 order date of 28 April 2011 stating that I did not seek leave to make the application. In reference to what amended application, is he confused?

    7. I am my child’s mother.

    8. Here is a link to the copy of the email in question. Not one report of abuse by the service provider or all the viewers of the email. Yet again, proving the point – the views of the HHJ Waine are personally. When the local authority made derofratory comments about Africans in writing, which I find offence what did the learned Judge do about it, he joined in. Proves yet again the point that his treatment of my family is all about HIM as clarified by the letter he sent to the Royal Court of Justice.

    9. Every hearing I have attended before HHJ Waine he has shouted at me, called me names and insulted my child. This does not include the hearing when I had made application, attended Court to pick up the copies of the application, then informed that the HHJ Waine had instructed that when I attended the Court to pick up the copies the hearing is to take place NOW. If I refused to attend the hearing the case will be heard without me. This was an insult.

    10. This matter is of PUBLIC INTEREST.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Ms Ngozi A. Godwell


    May 10, 2011 at 4:20 pm

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